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Lina Hunter

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About me

Hello everyone. My name is Lina Hunter. Professional author, world builder and Game Master. I started playing the game back in 2nd edition but took a break while going through college and working an actual job.  With responsibilities keeping me busy I missed the early parts of 3.0 and got back in for 3.0/3.5. It was a fun time seeing so many people return to play or start up brand new. Dungeons and Dragons was going through what I thought of at the time as the biggest resurgence I would ever see. Did 5E ever prove me wrong! I jumped all aboard the 4E train when it came out but was rather disappointed in the game. This led me to check out other games from the massively growing list of third-party providers that popped up from the rise of 3E. Nothing ever felt like home though. Until 5E came out in 2014. I went all in on 5E which is not only the best version of Dungeons and Dragons I have ever seen but probably the best RPG I have ever seen and have loved every minute of it.  I now run all of my games online using different toolsets. I play only in 5th Edition, and soon, 5.5 Dungeons and Dragons. I love this game, truly, madly, deeply. I run a table that is accepting of all players no matter how different they are. No matter if it’s the worlds I make, the characters I help build, the thrilling chase of adventure or the stories we tell together everyone is welcome at my table. My goal is to certainly create an environment where everyone has fun but before that everyone needs to feel safe. This hobby has grown by leaps and bounds in the last 10 years but it was not always that way. I remember when not a lot of women played the game and some groups would really make you feel like an outcast. This will never happen at my table. I run a few different Dungeons and Dragons games. If you are interested in any of my games all open spots are posted here on Start Playing. If you are interested in a game that you don’t see or an Adventure that I don’t run but are interested in running it with me send me a message and I will see if I can help! I’m happy to run games for people of all experience levels or private sessions for players. If you are interested in the game but just want to try it out, we can run a One-Shot game for you and a small group and see how everyone likes it or schedule a full-blown multi-arc campaign! The choices are really endless.

GM style

I love to run games that have a mixture of different things but with a heavy element of combat. I love all the pillars of Role-Playing. I love character interactions and world building. I love NPC’s getting to know the Player Characters. I love the adventure and the exploration and the intrigue. I love thwarting the villains master plan. I like digging through the swamps and exploring the ruins that we find there. We get to meet up with new races and cultures. Learn about history and local politics. Dig into your characters backstory and find out who they are and what makes them tick. But I really, really love combat. I just really enjoy combat. To me the Heroes are the Heart of every game I play. Nothing allows them to shine brighter that something actively trying to oppose their goals. There will be conflict in my games. Lots of conflict. But together with your fellow Heroes you will be able to rise above that conflict and defeat whatever obstacle stands in front of you. Bring your digital dice and get ready for an Adventure that, if you survive, you will tell your grandkids about. Your lives will be on the line and no punches will be pulled. Make no mistake that not all of you may make it through the other side. I roll my dice so that players can see and numbers are not hidden from my players. If you are interested in a specific style of Game, I’m open to running quite a few different play-styles. I love to introduce new players to Dungeons and Dragons. So even if your brand new and have never played before I would be overjoyed to be the one to introduce you to the game!

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