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About me

Hey there! I go by Lex or Lexi: I've been playing tabletop RPGs for over a decade, now, and writing my own setting for several years. While most of my experience has been at the player's side of the table, I've spent a good number of years behind the DM screen as well, running a handful of campaigns in a homebrew setting, and at one point running a West Marches D&D server in the early days of 5e, when Xanathar's Guide to Everything was considered the hip new sourcebook. I've played 3.5 D&D, 5e, Pathfinder, and am dipping my toes into Pathfinder 2E. I expect, at least until the impending 5.5, that most of what I run through this site will be through the 5e D&D umbrella. I'm nonbinary (they/them), and run a LGBTQ+ friendly table. I have an excess of homebrew writeups for my fantasy setting-no, seriously, I have too many. If you get me talking about Genndy Tartakovsky, Tamsyn Muir, or any of my other favorite creators (or their respective projects), I'll probably keep talking for a -while-. Ask me about my cats, about my artwork, or about cartoons. Alternatively, tell me about your character concepts and what stories you hope to create!

GM style

I I run games with a blend of focus that range between heavy roleplay and crunchy combat, with a dose of exploration mixed in between them. I'm a firm believer that tabletop games best operate on spending time on all three of those aspects: if encounters aren't mechanically rewarding, the payoff is lessened, but there's no stakes to -have- a payoff if the world and the characters adventuring into it don't have proper exploration and importance assigned to them. I love big, living worlds that can develop, both around the actions of the players, and the actions of other forces active within them. Games will always be voiced, typically through Discord: you'll need a mic, but cameras aren't required (or even really expected). I'll always give my best try at doing fun voices for characters: I offer no promises that half of them won't end up the same voice, anyhow, or that NPCs will inexplicably trade voices if they're off panel for too long.

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