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Hi friends! My name is lesley and ive been a DM for nearly 20 years running games like Exalted, D&D 3.5, Vampire the masquerade, Mage the Ascension, and Changeling the Dreaming. I love roleplay and games about exploration, but my biggest passion is Horror. Something about creepy dungeons and unsettling storylines just does it for me! personally, i am a disabled spicy brained he/him (or it/WHATTT?!?!?! but you really gotta commit to it like im an eldritch being) who is part of the LGBT+ community (im a bi mess, come at me). I love cats, and i love talking about the things that make people want to better the world. I am a bit of a pessimist, but dont let that fool ya, i like to think of it as "Cynical Optimism," a belief that everything will be ok if we can just remove our heads from our favorite orifices. Before my disability i worked at a nursing home taking are of elderly folks with dementia. it was a great place because i got to meet and work with all sorts of interesting folks from all walks of life. i like to think my time spent working in that field helped me to become a lot more openminded and compassionate to the unique differences we have in our communities. i have been told i have the patience of a saint, but to be honest i think i just have the willingness to listen, learn, and adjust my behavior to become more welcoming to anyone i speak to. i do, tragically, have a couple of flaws. I know, im shocked as well. i have the mouth of a sailor, and i know some find my speech to be a tad offensive (i mean really, do i need to casually drop like 6 "F bombs" into a conversation? no. but im gonna do it anyway.) I also have some PTSD with a few triggers i am very open about. the smell of blood is one of them, so i usually brush that off as "it smells like blood," which some people find less than fun when everything else is getting described in great detail. Finally, and perhaps most tragic of all, i have cats that like to scream at me while im on my computer. sometimes they will come in and just yell about their day. not really a flaw, but i dont stop them from expressing themselves. if you have read all of that and still want to play in one of my silly games, please join me! im sure we can have lots of fun!

GM style

So, I come from a background of roleplay heavy games with lots of action and adventure. I tend to lean on the action and adventure parts for excitement, but I do try to keep most of my games roleplay heavy. I have a hard time doing voices, not for lack of trying but because I have a kind of low vocal range and im slightly tone deaf so I cant tell if my voices are different enough or are just annoying. that said, I do try to keep things engaging and different enough to still be enjoyable. I tend to run Horror Games as they appeal the most to me, and a large part of horror, in my opinion, is misdirection and intrigue. my games tend to have a fair amount of both, with games like Vampire the Masquerade and Mage the Ascension getting the most. When I do "High Fantasy" games I like to use the Exalted system because it offers the most opportunity to be heroic and to have a complex social element to the game. if im doing gritty realism I prefer games like Vampire the Masquerade. I am used to teaching new players and welcome them! my tables are always inclusive spaces that are LGBTQ+ friendly, and I especially welcome folks new to the game but who are seasoned role players who are testing a new system to see if they like it! whatever level of experience you are at there is a place for you here.


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