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Hello, you can just call me Leo. I have been playing (mostly running) TTRPG for more than 20 years, I'm what you could call "forever GM" I came"late" in life to TTRPG as I was in my early 20s when me and my friends decided to buy the AD&D 2nd edition starter box, just months before the release of D&D 3.0, which I adopted at launch as being myself new and it being the new thing. I owned pretty much everything about it and ran games for a couple of years, before being introduced to Call of Cthulhu, and then started almost exclusively running games for that system, but also experimented with Shadowrun one of my favorite settings, and at some point tried to run World of Darkness games but didnt feel like they were my thing to run (but I did play The Masquerade for quite a bit with a wonderful Storyteller I met). I'm bilingüal my native language is spanish but can run games in both English and Spanish, I was born in Venezuela, currently living in Chile. Having to leave my country to start over gain forced me to take a loooong break from TTRPG but became familiar with VTTs during the pandemic and started running games again, I currently have a couple of regular group of friends I met online from USA and the UK, another group from Spain. I'm also a published writer as I have a couple of Call of Cthulhu scenarios published in the Miskatonic Repository at DrivethruRPG with another on the way at the time of this writing. I welcome everyone at my table, the only requisite is wanting to have fun and respect for everyone at the table. If you are new to TTRPGS or to a particular system is my job to worry about rules, yours is to have fun and together weave a memorable story. My games include maps, handouts, music, all done via Roll20 and I use Discord for voice comms. I offer a session zero to talk to the players and set up expectations about the game, also players can reach to me before or after a session to talk about any issues and I will make the necessary adjustments. If you want to see me running games, check my links below I have uploaded several games I run with my regular crew, sadly don't have the time to record, edit and upload regularly my games, but there is enough for you to see me "in action". Just Check the Horror on the Orient Express playlist or the Call of Cthulhu One Shots playlist. See you at the table!

GM style

I like the unpredictability of dice rolls and see where it takes the story. That said I also like roleplay so, while I won't hand wave dice rolls even if you do good roleplay if failure is possible and will have consequences, I will definitely give you bonuses for good roleplaying, Example: Even if you come up with a great performance to charm the bartender at the speakeasy, you still have to roll Charm. Of course your roleplaying can give you bonus dice to the roll, but failure is always an option.On the contrary if there is a clue sitting on the drawer of a desk, I won't make you roll Spot Hidden if you tell me that you are opening and searching the drawer, but if you tell me "I look around the office for clues" then a roll is required. In combat I dont do crunchy tactical encounters, for me is more Theather of the Mind, although I can use maps to provide relative positions, but I rarely will be measuring exact distances and I go for a more cinematic feel. Maybe in dungeon crawling games I will be using grids but still not going to be super crunchy about it. Also I hate just describing combat as "The zombie tries to bite you but you succeed dodging it" I go more like " As the zombie tries to bite you, you just move out of the way in time before it grabs you" or instead " The Deep One attacks and hits, you lose 2 hp" is more like "The fishman claws at you, you raise your arms to defend yourself and he opens a gash along your forearm. You lose 2 hp" Overall I'm pretty easygoing, my main goal is fun for everybody and craft a memorable story along the players and their actions. Also I like to teach new people so I always welcome them and tell them not to worry about not knowing the rules, just tell me what do you want your character to do and I will tell you how to do it.


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