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About me

I've been running table top RPG games for 20 years. Started with my history teacher in junior high showing us a reenactment battle. That led to Warhammer 40k and Fantasy, which then led to the D&D 3e books. Then years of 5e, and now my current favourite game Dungeon Crawl Classics. Of the 20 years I've effectively been a forever DM and am forever grateful for finding the hobby as it has taught me a ton about myself and others and led to countless fun adventure times with my friends and randoms I now call my friends. High proficiency with Foundry VTT. Been running my games online in Foundry for almost 3 years now. I love Foundry, am hosted with 24/7 up time and it is free to use for my players. My games run playfully and humorously, yet still serious, dramatic, and dark at times. Certainly not stuffy and claustrophobic. My number one rule is if a single person is not having fun the group is failing to do its job. I'm looking forward to meeting you and your character(s) and witnessing the vibrant story emerge!

GM style

Weird and wonky and fun. I enjoy role play and combat equally. I tend to do a balanced mix of the two. I adapt to my players. Tend to lean pretty pre-written module heavy, but have written my own material as well.

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