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About me

Through the Left-Paw Adventuring Company and the Left-Paw Academy for Legendary Adventurers, Master-Ranger Rhaego Left-Paw seeks to find the next True Hero or group of Heroes. Tell me, friend, is that you? Hello, Hero, my name is Anthony! Rhaego is my Tabaxi Ranger who holds an exceptional place in my heart as he is based on my cat. I have since taken the dream he had in the campaign I played him in of building an adventuring academy and applied it on a multiversal scale having one of his academies, lovingly referred to as the LALA, in both of the homebrew worlds I have created. As a player, I have been playing D&D (and other ttrpgs) for 10+ years now. I find D&D endlessly enjoyable and it is fascinating to me how different every single game is - even games played by the same group of people can feel like entirely different games. The way I view the game is as a Cooperative Improvised Storytelling Experience. It goes beyond just a game and it is about creating stories and moments together and getting to lose yourself within these stories. In the world of TTRPGs you can be anyone and do anything. I have also been DM'ing for about 5+ years now as well. I was very intimidated for a long time to attempt to DM, admittedly. However, what eventually pulled me into the world of DM'ing was when I began watching Critical Role - which was still relatively newish at the time. Before watching a "D&D Show" I had only seen the games I have played in, and seeing what was possible with the game made me want to explore what I could come up with. While I never tried to be like Matt Mercer, he is definitely a source of inspiration for me and was one of the things that got me to finally give DM'ing a shot. Honestly, that and it was a lot easier to find a game as a DM and being the one putting it all together, definitely played a part in me taking the plunge as well. Once I ran that first game though, I knew I had caught the DM Bug. I have been DM'ing ever since having 3 separate ongoing campaigns at once for a little while. I have two different homebrew worlds that do share a very deep and mysterious connection. The world of Ral'Sterra where the Divine Family are the dominant pantheon and the creators of the world and mortals. Ral'Sterra was always a magical place, though strictly through Divine means, with a river of pure divinity that once rushed through the lands gifting all with its blessings until the Prime Evils corrupted and twisted this gift. After the war between Divine Family and Prime Evils, a Divine Gate was built sealing them out. Though the mortals still had more wars to fight - as the overpopulated humans have most of the other races under their iron-fisted rule. As all of the races set aside their differences to fight back against the humans, they eventually turned the tides and forced the humans back to their capital city of Hvitzenport where they were driven to desperate measures. The humans of Hvitzenport, 15 years ago, opened a rift to an Elemental Plane of Pure Arcanum and changed the world as we knew it. Raw Arcanum coursing through the world has awoken many secrets and dangers from a time lost to history. Its counterpart is the world of Caortha, which was formed when the 5 Elemental Planets of Air, Arcanum, Earth, Fire, and Water all collided and eventually formed the world itself with chunks of each of the elemental planets now acting as the world's moons and the elemental planes. Arcanum has always been a driven force in Caortha, in fact, most of the world is run by Wizard-Monarchs known as the Veivisere. The other part of the world is run by the Artificers who rebelled against the Wizards and fleed to the world's other continent. Where Ral'Sterra has been recently introduced to the Arcanum, Caortha has actually only recently been introduced to the Divine. Only 99 years ago is when the First Divinity of Caortha came to be when the original 9 Veivisere found a secret ritual to Ascend to Godhood. Established settings are also really fun to play in, I have run games in both the Forgotten Realms and the world of Exandria. I am always ready to explore more worlds and have grand adventures. And so I ask, Hero, will you join me on my next adventure?

GM style

I have a style that is designed to allow for a lot of improv and letting the players really shine and direct where the story goes. A healthy mix of roleplaying, intrigue, puzzle/problem solving, and some good old fashion combat (of course with some fun tweaks and tricks so that it isn't just a boring sack of hp every time.) Though I love funny voices and wish I could do them, I do not pretend to be a voice actor by any means - I do, however, try to make it clear who (or what) is saying things and occasionally I will attempt a funny voice if I'm feeling extra brave or silly.


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