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About me

Born below the ice capped peaks of the northern cascades among a tribe of polyhedron practitioners. Given access to tomes of immense power at a young age I roamed the middle school wastelands converting those with an eye for fantastical stories into polyhedral warriors and wizards ready to combat an age old nemesis known to commoners as boredom. Two decades of adventuring later I have embarked on a digital crusade to erase the stench of boredom from this plane for good. Or for at least 2 hours every week.

GM style

I attempt to bring the feeling of sitting around a table with your friends into the digital realm. I am fairly laid back and treat games as cooperative story telling. I want the players to feel like they have agency in the game and try to encourage active roleplaying (I'll never make a player go beyond what they are comfortable roleplaying) and love seeing players flesh out a character they have made. Having fun combats that test the players is something I shoot for every campaign but I'm never against a good non-combative solution to a problem. New players are always welcome, I provide a chill environment for learning and exploring every aspect of RPG's. If you want someone who is here to help the party tell a fun story together I may be the DM for you!

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