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Lane Bowen

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20 years
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3 years
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About me

I ran public games set in my weird home-brew fantasy city for non-profit for over 3 years, and now I'm ready to branch out further! Interested in 5th Edition D&D in a weird tiered city with illegal warlocks and freedom-fighting werewolf dissidents? Or maybe fighting to survive in the ruins of that post-apocalyptic city? Got another request you've wanted to play? Give me a shot. We can play a game special-ordered for you (or even a known-existing module, if ya want). Or if ya wanna try something new, I'd love to run some Dungeon Crawl Classics, Numenera, or maybe something more niche.

GM style

I love me some roleplay, character backstories, and world-building. Preferably when they meld together.

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