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About me

My ideology is this "everyone likes roleplaying games, but not everyone loves ANY roleplaying games."I am passionate about explaining systems and worry deeply about the player's experience. I take a lot of time preparing the session, choosing appropriate maps, handouts, music, and anything else that might improve the players' experience. During the days before the games, I try to make myself available to the players for anything they might need. I have the patience to get players to understand the rules and the digital tools to play online, and love to bring new people to the hobby. I do not consider the experience just the session, but I like to keep in touch and help players explore their characters as much as possible. Finally, while campaigns are memorable, I also enjoy running one-shots. Players can deal with more extreme situations and things that might not be fun in a campaign(like dying), becoming much more viable, and allowing specific stakes to be introduced. At the moment, I'm concentrating not only in running DnD campaigns but in learning new systems. My favorite genres are Sci-Fi and Horror, with my favorite RPG being Alien RPG. So if you or your player group want to try a new system, I am always looking for new games to learn! While I think DnD is great, I am always learning new systems. Let me know if you need a GM for a system not many people play! I have no issue acquiring it.

GM style

I work a lot to make the experience as immersive as possible by carefully picking battle maps, artwork, tokens, music, and everything else that may help players visualize the adventure and setting. I like to have things as tidy as possible, preparing quite a bit so the session can focus on playing and not reading books, especially when playing online. During combat, I focus a lot on tactical and strategic decisions. Outside combat, I like to foster a sense of exploration and discovery, and rules become less important than the story being told. While I'm not great at doing voices, I like to ensure players get into their character and foster interaction among the party. I prefer that players don't blindly play like a cooperative video game and acknowledge their character's different personalities, backgrounds, and worldviews. In campaigns, I ensure this doesn't spill over into major conflicts. As such, the use of safety tools is key in my games.


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