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Kyle Monty

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About me

Hello, most people call me Monty. I feel like a young buck in this space but that has never stopped people from having fun and telling amazing stories. Brought into the world of Dungeons and Dragons in 2017 and started my never ending streak of GMing in the same year. It was the next year that I began working on my large high fantasy homebrewed world that is still under construction to this day. I have always had the motto/mantra of trying to make people's lives happier by using my voice. Being able to tell stories in a fantasy world with people has been that outlet. Everyone deserves happiness and if being make believe characters brings that, then let's tell some stories together. Over the years of playing Dungeons and Dragons my players have continued to push me to be better and better at all aspects of the game. In the beginning I used this game as a combat simulator with some storytelling thrown in. The combats were always deadly and an interesting challenge, but that had started to deter the players and they let me know, so naturally I reflected and changed my style. Now I feel like a well rounded GM, worldbuilding, combat and now most importantly roleplaying. The many levels of micromanaging that TTRPGs bring helps keep the mind active. All the management skills that come from being in the GM chair has actually helped me in my career path (it's the actual reason I got the first job in the first place). In my time playing Dungeons and Dragons I have introduced many people to the game and absolutely adore newer players, that doesn't mean I will make the story easy for them but we will go at the pace they need. Having played with several levels and styles of players has prepared me for whoever sits (sometimes metaphorically) at my table next. New players and experienced, bring it on!

GM style

I enjoy running safe yet stressful stories for the most part. Having that "what is going to happen next" feeling mixed with shock and awe descriptions. The players dictate the speed of the story most of the time when I run things giving them ample time to truly roleplay and enjoy the world and each other's company. I am still trying to get the whole roleplaying and voice acting stuff figured out but it doesn't stop me from experimenting and having fun with it. When it comes to writing for D&D I would be described as an "overwriter," I have plans for one-shots that turn into 2-3 episodes by accident. Oops. Working together on character creation is so important to me because it gives me that chance to have a one on one with the player and learn what they want for their character. This also gives me a chance to understand the player and their likes and dislikes in games, I never want to push a boundary unless it is talked about beforehand. I will build a story for the players, not always for me so meeting up to find out what kind of story a group would want to run is more enjoyable than planting my foot down and putting people into a story they have no say in the outcome.


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