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About me

Heya! I'm Krackus (real name Jakub), an experienced game master for Dungeons and Dragons and a variety of other systems. My goal is to bring the worlds and stories in our minds to life in an experience that only RPG can create. I live and breathe RPGs, thinking about the next game when I wake up and scheming plots for my villains as I fall asleep. I started playing D&D 15+ years ago with the 3rd edition starter set in high school and never stopped, picking up other funky games along the way. As I’m wrapping up a few of my home campaigns I’m looking for a way to open up to new people and bring my experience to a professional level. Whether you’re a newbie (I love introducing new players to the hobby!) or a veteran, jump in a game, sit back and enjoy the story we will weave together and the many dragons and krakens we will slay.

GM style

As any good GM, I mix combat and role-play, with exploration taking a more prominent role in certain games. I always try to bring characters to life with a personal approach and set up scenes to be memorable with a chance for players to shine with their characters. In the typical, more sandbox game I will prioritise players' storylines and spotlight, while in structured published campaigns I will also aim to deliver the overall storyline in my best interpretation. I mainly use roll20 for virtual tabletop with battle map and handouts used as visual aids and for tactical combat. I use discord for voice communication and organisation (and meme depository). For D&D I tend to use basic ruleset and keep things simple at first but for an established group I will mix in more advanced rules and tailor the experience more to players preferences. I have the experience to explain the rules, keep the game’s pace and ensure everyone is having a good time.

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