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LET'S BREAK THE MOLD! LET'S BE EPIC!!! Let's take things to the next level. Over 25 years of experience as a GM... AND I LOVE IT! Almost as much as I love WRITING IN CAPS!! Haha! I am very passionate about the stories I create. Almost all of my games are custom made, homebrew, sandbox style campaigns, with a tremendous amount of lore and detail. Players may choose to delve deeply into the lore, get sidetracked with side quests, or try and get to the bottom of things as quickly as possible. The most important thing to note is that the campaign is designed for the players and the goal is to give those who play, the best experience possible. A good GM doesn't force their narrative upon the players. There is no room for ego. There is only room to create fun and memorable adventures together. Review "KoolGeek's worldbuilding is astonishingly rich. The world we play in feels alive, and evolves over time, even in areas that our characters avoid. Cities bustle with NPCs that pop and shine, surrounded by their personal motivations and intrigue. The villains are iconic, with unique visual styles and interesting game mechanics to make our protagonists work for their victory. Each location feels rife with old history, and we have been surprised more than once that pulling on what seemed to be a mere detail pulled us into some exciting locales and side quests. From a gameplay standpoint, players are often given room to find creative solutions to conflicts or problems, but more combat-oriented players will have no difficulty looking for trouble if they wish. Overall, the best campaign I have ever played in. " - Marc

GM style

Dare I say that I run campaigns like none other. I have always gone above and beyond to provide the opportunity for the players to create memorable experiences for themselves that will stay with the party for a lifetime. You will go on one of a kind adventures that will be totally your own. And if I do happen to run a pre-existing DnD campaign, you can be guaranteed I will make it our own. I am much more geared towards roleplaying, character development and storytelling. I like to bring mystery and lore to our campaigns. But there are definitely combat elements when it's relevant. I tend to not implement random combat encounters for the sake of it. Combat generally occurs for reasons related to the current events that are transpiring. Although, if a level 3 tollkeeper wants to pick a fight with a level 7 Assassin that has told him to look the other way, well... so be it. We can be heroes! It's important to note that I enjoy playing with beginners who are new to the game as well as experienced veterans. And if you need help with building your character, well that is something I thoroughly enjoy and I would be more than glad to be of assistance.

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