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About me

My name is Mike and I'm a happy little TTRPG enthusiast currently residing in the South East of England, having claimed this land with the aid of my supportive partner and my less than supportive minions (three grumpy cats)! One day after a theatre rehearsal I was pressured into joining this weird cult where they rolled dice and seemed to pray to them for success... I then thought: "Why not let it consume my life?" Now I'm a GM with over 8 years of professional experience in over 30 different systems, meaning that I'm ever keen to share my love of Tabletop Role-Playing (TTRPG) with as many new players as I can! Thus Kobold Kaverns was born, a goal of mine to help both fresh and veteran players alike to get involved in their favourite TTRPG settings, or to discover brand new ones, all presented with high-quality maps, tokens, music, and storytelling! All of this is run by your friendly neighbourhood GM Mike! A man who not only has way too much time on his hands, but also has a passion for acting, gaming, and bringing people together through online tabletop games. Whether it is the well-known dungeons of D&D 5.E, the dark and anarchist-filled future of Cyberpunk, or the cramped terrifying atmosphere of Alien, you are guaranteed to find a game (and a group) to suit your play style! Nothing is more rewarding than seeing my players fully engaged with the story, whether it be through laughter or tense anticipation of the action to come. My goal is to create an immersive and gratifying experience for all involved! I am adept at crafting customized adventures tailored to each player's character, but I am also experienced in running pre-written modules for those who prefer a more structured gaming experience. Are you searching for a skilled and experienced game master to lead you on an exciting TTRPG adventure? Look no further because I am here to guide you! Don't hesitate to contact me if you are seeking a passionate and experienced game master to help bring your TTRPG adventure to life. Let's connect for a friendly chat and discuss how we can make your gaming experience one to remember!

GM style

I'm a laid back GM with a patient and welcoming attitude towards new players, and will put in maximum effort to help ease them into any system or setting! This doesn't mean that I can't cater to the challenge and deep roleplay that more experienced players crave! I love weaving intricate plots and complex encounters to test the might of all of my players! As a passionate storyteller, I love nothing more than building gritty and realistic adventures that challenge my players and push them to their limits. All of this comes alongside practiced voices (silly and serious), immersive audio, dramatic music, and vivid descriptions playing into both Theatre of the Mind and alongside varies battle maps! When preparing a game, I pay attention to the smallest details, review key points, and incorporate backstories into the adventure to maximize the significance of each character and their choices. Your enjoyment and the story we create together trumps Rules As Written, and as long as everyone is having a great time (whether through laughter, tears, or screams of excitement) that is all that matters!


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