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About me

Hey, I'm Kobold DM! You may know me from my Youtube Channel, where I show off the amazing things Foundry VTT can do. I'm here to bring all that into games of Pathfinder 2e! If you're looking for an easy-going DM who puts a lot of time into the immersive aspects of a game, such as weather effects, token auras, and the vast features of the Foundry PF2e Core System, then I'm your guy! New players totally welcome, as even I'm a bit new to pf2e. I have long-term experience running games of D&D 5e for my players, and gravitate towards story-heavy gameplay with invested players as my favorite to run the game for. Feel free to message me if you have any questions!

GM style

I'm a laid-back GM who is ready to improvise when a player does pretty much anything. While I am running official campaigns, I'm flexible enough to let things go off the rails if the game calls for it. I do my best to give each character unique voices, but I am by no means a voice actor. Roleplaying is my main enjoyment, but I'm still great with the combat side of things, especially when that combat is meaningful.

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