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About me

I've been game mastering since about the year 2001. I won some Dungeons and Dragons Third Editions books in a Friendly Local Gaming Store raffle and I haven't looked back since! I've been hosting Tabletop RPGs in person since then, and via Zoom since 2019. My favorite games to run are 13th Age and Dungeons and Dragons 4e. I've been incredibly interested in Lancer and will likely strike up hosting that game as well. I enjoy tactical and strategic play, though I aim to maintain a high standard of roleplay and character. I am an actor and have been a LARPer since 2005. I do my best to bring these experiences into my performance as a gamemaster. I am also a prolific homebrew maker for DND 4e in particular. As I become more comfortable with this platform, I would be happy to add it games I run. Ultimately, I keep things on the lighter side, so let's enjoy rolling some dice!

GM style

My GM style is at its heart solid tactical gameplay. However, strong roleplay and party decision making is fundamental to making those tactical missions meaningful. My campaigns tend to focus on not just the party, but their holdings and factions as well. In one-shots this typically isn't the case, but strong character connections are still encouraged. I enjoy trying out experimental houserules and homebrews at times. These would never appear without players being well informed and those rules being announced up front. Dungeons and Dragons 4e is my go-to system, I enjoy running introductory one-shots to teach it.


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