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About me

I started dming because I was surfing roll20 and I could not find a game so I just jumped in and started dming. I prefer homebrew game over modules because offers players more flexibility. In campaign as a player I played an ice druid who wanted to end te world by freezing everything. So my dm let me change all my spell to do ice damage. I think dnd is about finding that balance between a players wants and the game's need for ridge rules. Understanding this balance is what I bring to the table.

GM style

I think that a good dm balances three things: exploration, combat and roleplaying. With that in mind I tend to gauge my campaigns around that sort of golden ratio. As for exploration, I try to create a breathing world that is are character driven. Normally, the parties' actions are what shape the narrative. I thing that the npcs are like chapter tillites but the players interactions with them are the content of the book. As for combat, I enjoy map making. especially for combat encounters. In particular I like trying to push the interactive mechanics as far as they can go. For example, during a 5e campaign players looted a hunted castle with traps triggered by tokens that they move on the board. I like creating fun and interesting monster attacks that require creative solutions or a least teamwork to beat. Id say that my combat encounter are defiantly on hard mode but it's challenging v.s a grind. Also, I have background in graphic design so I try to make my maps, tokens and character sprites as immersive as possible. As for roleplay, I like to make sure that every player has space to shine or feels comfortable being heard at my table. So if your a newer player or just not good at roleplaying then I'll start by encouraging the party to get you involved. If that doesn't work then I'll try to pull you into to the story by shining a light on you. As far a npcs go I try give you a diverse plethora of personalities. In my last campaign I organically introduced my first trans-gender npc. I also use npcs that are people of color or other members of the queer spectrum. This is new change that I've started doing this in my current campaigns; and I have found that it's very freeing for the players.

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