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About me

Professional: My personal opinion is that when you ask for money for a certain service, you should be professional. After years of preparing I've decided to sell my services as a part-time job and build up to go full-time. Experienced: I've got a background in acting, which allows me to be a very flexible Dungeon Master. I've gained a lot of experience in storytelling, which makes my sessions fun and engaging. For the last 4 years, I've done weekly sessions with groups, and learned everything from the official and unofficial books to get my sessions to be epic. LHBTQ+ friendly: When I say LHBTQ+ friendly I don't mean that you need to have an LHBTQ+ character or that your own sexual nature has to be in that way. It just means that I support people who are in the LHBTQ+ community as I myself am part of that community. Custom Maps: I usually make my own specialized maps for the sessions to make sure the player gets his money's worth. These maps are designed from official sources and when needed my own homebrew maps. These maps also have fog of war and sight restrictions, like you are used to with Roll20 or different kinds of Virtual Tabletop. Foundry VTT: For my sessions, I use Foundry VTT. I prefer this Virtual Tabletop over Roll20 because of its moddability and easy-to-use systems. The Virtual Tabletop is free for anyone to sign up, just like Roll20, only DM's like me pay for it. DnDBeyond: I use DnDBeyond for my campaigns so it'll be easy for me to get all the sheets together. Now with the new Dice roll systems and Combat Tracker, it really is my preferred way of running a session.

GM style

My Game Master style is a hybrid of roleplay, battles, voices, hard choices, and a lot of comedic relief. I like a realistic approach to situations and I really appreciate when players go out of their way to get very creative with their decisions.

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