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About me

Hi! I'm Kiko (a.k.a Kaz Isayso) and I've been a forever DM since 2018! D&D is my jam, my family collected the sourcebooks since 3.5 edition, and I even tried my hand at 3.5 when I first started. Now I don't consider myself a master of the game, nor am I hardset rules lawyer, but I hope to run a game that is mostly fun, engaging, interactive, and engrossing for my players. I have currently digital copies of most, if not all the Wizards of the Coast published adventures and am looking forward to running games set in Faerun, Exandria, Eberron, or even my own Homebrew settings should people like to try those out! Between my friend groups and private one-shots that I've run over the past 5 years, everyone seems to have a good time and like the way I run the game! I make sure that everyone that's involved is there to have a good time. I think it’s because I am a natural storyteller and a good listener to people who tell me what they want that allows me to deliver the best possible experience with the tools I have. Please feel free to ask me questions about my experiences, and I’ll be more than happy to answer!

GM style

RolePlaying: I am great with character building, getting into character and all while voicing the characters in their myriad styles! Likewise, I will engage my players to roleplay with me if that is what they are looking for in a game. I always have an element of humor to my games, even if it is somewhat subdued, so be prepared for certain unusual encounters if you hop in. Combat/Encounter Play: I am adaptable for the hardcore purely technical and tactical game players and always present something new or different with my combat. However, my goal as DM is to ensure that you as the players have fun, so I always make sure to balance my encounters beforehand, especially for newer players to the game. Usually during certain circumstances, I'll roll my own physical dice on my side of the screen to determine an out of place outcome or certain factors in a given instance. For example, Nat 1's have a "severity" factor I adapted from MontyGlu from The Unexpectables! Rules as Written: For the most part, I'll try to adhere to the RAW as much as possible, but I do have my own list of house rules that I refer to when in doubt of certain interactions during combat or out of combat. So "rules-light" in certain circumstances. All my games are friendly to newcomers, and I will never shy away from explaining a rule, a mechanic, or even how to use certain tools for roleplaying. If you need someone to help or teach you, I'm here. As your DM, you can contact me at any time with questions or inquiries and I'll answer - and if needed, we can set up chats outside sessions where I can help you with any game, system, or engine questions you have. Inclusivity: We are all people, from all different life paths and walks of life. We all are unique, and not always on the same page as one another. At my games, I will only accept players of open mindsets, able to understand and accept other players of different backgrounds. That said, I have zero tolerance for hate speech, bigotry, or classist or any other ideology of ignorance that constitutes an "us vs them" mentality. This extends towards attitudes to minorities, sexual orientation, or gender. If you are in my game, you respect people's boundaries, and that's not negotiable. Engagement: I will always try to engage with each player as much as possible, but sometimes I may forget to check in, so apologies in advance. However, that said, I will always make sure players get the most out of their characters, to whatever extent they are comfortable with.

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