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About me

STOP RIGHT THERE, criminally beautiful player! ❤️ Nobody breaks the character on my watch! I'm confiscating your boredom. Now pay attention cause we're off to an adventure! 🎲 🔻 I am focusing on creating the best and most detailed adventures possible. Filling them with details and mysteries, I usually spend 2 years and thousands of hours to perfect each campaign as much as I can, but they will never be complete without the heroes to explore them!

GM style

🗣️ Roleplay - expect roleplaying at my table in a rich, immersive, and dynamic world. Imagine if YOU were in the situation of your character. What is your character thinking? ⚔️Combat: D&D is a combat-oriented game. Expect it to be significant that it can change the course of the story, for good or bad. I love running minor skirmishes to massive hordes with boss battles. Winning isn't guaranteed, as I set up encounters to be challenging. 🧭Exploration: The great big world is where the adventure happens. Expect a mix of roleplay, skill challenges, to possible side quests to explore the world. 📣I'm your character's biggest fan after you! 🤝🏾Play D&D with a cooperative team-based framework. 🆕 I encourage new players and veterans too. 🎵Curated music, ambiance, and sound effects 📖Great storytelling. 🧔🏽Interesting NPCs in a vibrant, dynamic world. 🏫Experienced DM with masters-level knowledge of the rules. 🔦Everyone has a chance to shine. 🛃I love supporting 3rd party and independent creators. 🙋🏻‍♀️Choices matter; for your character and the world around them. 🙌🏻Open your imagination and let D&D in. 🦺A safe play environment for all minorities

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