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About me

In-depth lore, memorable NPCs, unforgettable moments of tension and victory, and illustrious maps. I try to bring all of these to the table so that my players and I can have the best time at the table. I try my hardest to take player input and output the best options I can for them. If the players want to follow one of my plot hooks, good. If they choose to look for a very expensive sack of gems to complete their magic ritual, also good. I will fit the adventures and materials to the players to create an immersive and substantial experience that will, hopefully, sit in your mind and make you smile and laugh years from now. Let's roll stories to remember.

GM style

Playstyle: I enjoy using a cinematic and player-driven style of play. "What are you all going to do," is a common question I ask a lot at my tables. Having players talk to and ask questions of each other, me as the GM, and NPCs around them to figure out their next course of action. Rules are used fairly and sometimes loosely in the case of "rule of cool". I have a lot of years of improv experience, and a backlog of self-made and bought battle maps and NPCs ready to go if the characters decide to go a different way than what I was expecting. I encourage it. I do some voices, but I work better with descriptions and in-depth explanations on any piece of information or lore the players/character want to know. As for roleplay/combat/exploration, I tend to leave these things up to the party. I will often note what kind of game/ratio of these things the game will have in it and trust the player to pick which they want most. Respect and expectations: There is a level of respect I have for every player at my table. I may make a case for a ruling so the game can press forward, and (unless the ruling is massively terrible) I expect the game to continue without strife. If a player can make a case for their character to get an advantage or know something due to their background or skills, then I will gladly allow it. Outside of the game, the common rules are don't be mean, a loner, or disrespect someone else's belief or lifestyle. My table is meant to be open to everyone and friendly to everyone, and I expect that of my players.

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