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Fare thee well, adventurer! Welcome to my world. My name is K, and I have been in the world of professional game mastering for about 19 years, starting back in 2004 with government events in schools and public libraries. I love teaching the game to brand new people and always find myself fascinated by the worlds and stories we can build together. With about 30 years of experience, I understood, after writing my first scenario, that my passion would eventually become my job. So, I started early when the market was still small, creating a marvelous community that still supports me today in all my endeavors. Our single purpose is to bring the game to people like you who are reading this! As for my private life, I am 30+, the caregiver for my mother, and hold a bachelor's and master's in SO, along with a few technicals in arts to improve on my passion. I don't have personal social media of my own, just my alias because of my job. I was an animal rescue volunteer for some time in my life, and I am a big nerd for fantasy and sci-fi settings, whether it's reading, shows, games, or anything else. Are you ready to be part of a journey that will change everything you know about the way of storytelling?

GM style

As the Muses once said: "From Zero to Hero." I like to involve players in a deep, immersive narrative where you grow a character through development from a green rookie to one of the most important protagonists in the history being told. Shine as the best within your chosen set of abilities, playing both as and for your character. With a deep understanding of various fandoms, I find myself capable of improvising on the go through any type of story being told. I have a strong focus on roleplay, including combat. I prefer every action in the game to have its proper moment to shine, describing movements, and creating a lively battle atmosphere. I provide games that my players have described as "the best digital immersion ever seen," primarily on platforms like Fantasy Grounds and Foundry VTT, which are the platforms I use the most. All of my games use safety tools in one form or another. This could be through a session zero as a social contract, forms, or, if needed, through lines and veils, cards, or other methods. I only use these tools when the need arises for a particular person and will always respect that need if a player expresses it. I love creating challenging encounters for my players, drawing inspiration from worlds like Matthew Mercer's Exandria. If you are at a certain level and take a turn in the wrong direction, you could face death as that area may be too high for you to explore. Of course, signs and rebalancing may occur, but I want my players to feel that the possibility of living or dying has the same odds as any fantasy adventure. The world breathes and responds in kind to every action of the characters. With over 100 Patreons i support , you can always expect high-quality maps, playlists, and art for your games. I invite you to play tabletop games in a way you've never experienced before.

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