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Highly rated for: Creativity, Rule of Cool, Sets the Mood

About me

Hi There Adventurer! I'm Justin, your friendly neighborhood Dungeon Master. I specialize in making unforgettable experiences that go beyond the table, and with a Bachelor's degree in Game Design and Storytelling, I've dedicated myself to the art of crafting unforgettable stories and immersive worlds. Having hosted countless sessions at the gaming table almost every day, I've practiced the art of connecting with the party and ensuring everyone feels integrated into the unfolding narrative. The stories I tell will be directly tied to you! Together, we can go on a journey where we explore, fight, and make great friends! Everyone is welcome at my table, whether you're an experienced player or new to the realm of tabletop RPGs, there's a place for you in my books!

GM style

🧩 Professional Designer and Roleplayer 🧩 As a professional Game Designer, I specialize in crafting puzzles that challenge your intellect and offer heavy roleplaying scenarios that delve into the depths of character development. ⚔️ Combat in Moderation ⚔️ While combat takes a back seat, do not fear! There will be at least one thrilling encounter in every session. Expect a strategic and meaningful combat experience that complements the overarching story. Your characters will be tested down to the personal level, and victory will be all the sweeter. 🗺️ Exploration Enthusiast 🗺️ Our adventures aren't a linear path - Your choices and actions will shape the world around you. Dive into the unknown, and watch as your decisions create ripples that echo through the narrative 🛡️ Safety 🛡️ Your safety is paramount in my games. We will navigate our adventures with collaboration, communication, and consent as guiding principles. Your voice matters the most. Together, we create a space where everyone is not only welcome but valued contributors.

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