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About me

I started as a Dungeon Master online at the beginning of 2020. I know my tools inside and out, and I know how to create a tabletop experience online because it is the medium I started in. I try to take advantage of the technology whenever I can to enhance everyone's experience. I use a combination of D&D Beyond, FoundryVTT and Discord to run my games. I am looking forward to meeting you!

GM style

I know the rules of the D&D 5e system well, and this allows me to know when I can bend the rules to make for a better experience. I tend to run sessions that are a combination of character driven story, social encounters, and dynamic combat. My form of exploration generally manifests as lore and travel. The exact makeup of your game is more determined by the party than by me. I am generally open when it comes to all published material and unearthed arcana; when it comes to homebrew or third-party resources all I ask is that you run it by me first. When we start the campaign I will be able to give you access to all of the content I currently have on D&D Beyond. This includes almost all of the official books, third-party content, and my own homebrew. I run campaigns that will never be ran again. These are completely custom experiences that cannot be repeated.

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