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About me

Welcome, dear wanderer, to the fireside of imagination. I am Justin the Ethereal, a weaver of dreams and a spinner of sagas. My name echoes through taverns and ancient libraries alike, whispered by those who have witnessed the magic that spills from my lips. Why "Ethereal," you ask? It is not merely a moniker; it is a truth etched into the very fabric of my being. For when I speak, realms unfurl—a tapestry of wonder and peril. My words conjure sun-kissed meadows where heroes clash with destiny, and moon-shrouded forests where secrets slumber. As a bard, my quill dances across parchment, etching tales of valor and heartache. I've sung of young rogues who pilfered moonlight to save their love, and grizzled paladins who wielded oaths like blazing swords. Their deeds echo in the annals of time—the day they halted the siege of Stormwatch Keep, the night they brokered peace between dragonkind and elves, and the dawn they stood against the Void Serpent itself. And now, my friend, I extend my hand to you. Together, we shall traverse realms—both corporeal and pixelated. The digital dice await, and the pixels hum with possibility. Whether you seek dragon hoards, forbidden grimoires, or the elusive +5 Sword of Wit, know this: The Ethereal Bard guides your steps. So gather 'round, fellow seeker of wonder. Let us conjure legends anew, and may your crits be true.

GM style

Come adventurer, what kind of tale would you like told about your life? One where you dance with a blade or one where you dance with the scenery and people around you. I offer you the chance to do both here. I want to see crits not only on the dice but the crits of your imagination. I tell tales of equal parts combat as well the actions and decisions leading to them.

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