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Professional Game Master

Player for
4 years
GM for
1 year
Hosted over
4 games

About me

Hey, my name is Summer and I'm a 27 year old cartographer and streamer! I've been in the TTRPG scene now for about 4 years and I'm learning more every single day. I specialize in playing and streaming Indie TTRPGs and have spent hundreds of hours teaching and learning new systems to folx of all sorts. My true love is Urban Shadows, a PbtA game by Magpie Games, which I've run over 180 hours of, and counting! I love sad stories almost as much as I love romance and I aim to create complex stories in every game I'm a part of. I hope we get the chance to play together soon!

GM style

As a GM, I'm heavily focused on roleplay and telling the best story possible while playing to find out what happens. While I love high stakes and combat, I prefer a loose style of GMing where I'm quite hands off. I let the players show me the story they want to be a part of and I generally follow their lead. Given that I really only play Powered by the Apocalypse games, this is where I thrive!


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