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About me

Hello adventurer! Could I offer you an ale? Maybe a quest too while you're here? Well if you've decided to pursue this quest further, allow me to introduce myself: I'm Juniper (She/Her) and would love to DM you through the most perilous of dungeons and the most tense negotiations of diplomacy all to uncover legendary loot, lost to the ages. If you can agree to these terms, allow me to extend a few details as to this mission: -This quest will be run using Discord for voice call, Roll20 for a VTT, and D&DBeyond for character sheets (Don't worry, I have the master tier. -This quest is completely LGBTQ+ friendly and I can accommodate to the needs of any neurodivergence -This quest will be a great adventure of collaborative story telling between me, the DM, and most importantly, you, the players. If you want to take me up on this mighty quest, here's a few details so you can get to know me a little better: My name is Juniper and I am currently a college student and fencer who has been working her way through as a substitute teacher. My love for D&D started in my living room when my dad DM'd a few prewritten modules for my family. Immediately I fell in love with 5th edition and read through the entire player's handbook, monster manual, and DM's guide and wrote characters every day. I had never been great at most kinds of art, but I really did find expressing myself through the storytelling of D&D allowed me to show all of my built up creativity. Upon going to college, I met a few people interested in D&D. I decided that even though I had no DM'ing experience I'd give it a shot and through these adventures, we became great friends that persisted even after we split up. We still continue to play D&D and now even Starfinder, but as I've gotten more competent and confident as a DM, I decided that I might try to share my joy and enthusiasm with anyone else who may want to dip their toes in the water for the first time or even a seasoned adventurer who just wants someone to guide them through a thrilling journey where they can make new friends along the way!

GM style

My style is your style. Want combat? You got it. Want Roleplay? Done. I really like to keep communication between myself and the players as open as possible. I've run campaigns where the players loved to get into fights all the time and would even seek them out. Currently, I'm running a game where the players look for roleplay and we only have combat once every several sessions. I'm very flexible with how I run because I have the most fun when everyone is having fun and is completely engaged.


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