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About me

Hi, you can call me Julian, I've been a DM for 8 years now and have run all kinds of campaigns and systems over the years from Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder 2e, Cyberpunk RED, Vampire the Masquerade, Star Wars RPG, and Pokemon Tabletop United. I run LGBTQ+ friendly games and I work very hard to ensure that my games are a safe place for everyone to be themselves without judgment regardless of race, sexuality, gender or religion. TTRPGs are all about cooperative storytelling and as such I actively encourage roleplay from my players and do my best to work with them to ingrain their characters into the world to maximize immersion. Although roleplay is an important aspect to TTRPGs so are challenges, and so I don't pull my punches when presenting my groups with challenges such as combat or mystery solving. However I will never put you or your characters in a position where there is no possible way out or give you a mystery or secret that you don't have the clues to solve. My DMing style is fairly adaptable and I can run almost any type of story people wish from a campaign module, to a homebrew campaign to a one shot!

GM style

I have a fairly balanced GM style and like to alternate between meaningful roleplay and challenging but fair combat. I do voices for my npcs to the best of my ability and play either ambience or music in the background of my games using discord bots. I've run many types of campaigns over the years and can run almost any kind of adventure my players wish me to run. If I were to pick a a favourite setting it would have to be Planescape. I love the idea of travelling to other worlds and I find that it adds a level of depth to the world the game takes place in that makes it feel much larger and richer than it otherwise would. I can promise homebrewed items and questlines tailored to each individual character regardless of whether playing in a homebrew or campaign module.

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