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About me

The technique I am most fond of is not to prepare stories but to prepare situations and through your characters' actions, the chaos of dice and the mayhem of your imaginations something story-like will emerge. I've been doing this for over thirty years and it still feels like a magic trick every time. I can't wait to share this hobby with you. I have been on the creative teams of several successful podcasts (Sons of Kryos, Daydreaming about Dragons and Sixth Ring, a Trophy Podcast) and regularly GM on the Actual Play twitch-stream channel. My blog, Githyanki Diaspora, is about my home campaigns and ideas about gaming and techniques that have worked for me.

GM style

My motto is Context, Cool Stuff and Consequences. I live to play to find out and will delight in the ways you will surprise me with your imagination and outside-the-box thinking. At the end of the session, we will all be surprised and amazed at where we ended up. Games not listed below that I would love to run are Mothership, Trophy Gold, Under Hollow Hills and Apocalypse World.


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