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About me

I am a queer-friendly TTRPG Storyteller with over a decade of experience running games. I have also been podcasting in the space for 4+ years now as one of the hosts of Short Quest Long Rest. I promote indie creators by running games for them at conventions and playtesting on the side. Interested in hearing what I sound like? How I DM? Check me out on Short Quest Long Rest Podcast (! I was a nominee for the gameHERs' Top Tabletop Roleplaying Game Campaign of the Year Award (2021). You'll want the episodes with the wizard icon.

GM style

You can expect from me: QUEER-FRIENDLY CONTENT > "HISTORICAL ACCURACY" I place "Historical Accuracy" in quotes because we know it's sometimes used as a dog whistle for racism, misogyny, anti-queer, anti-trans beliefs. My table is a safe space where safety tools and regular check-ins are the least I can do for my players. NARRATIVE > COMBAT I love a good fight, but more importantly, I love a good story. My job as your Storyteller is to platform the stories you and your team want to tell each other. TRANSPARENCY > IMMERSION Immersion is a huge part of roleplaying! Yet I am also mindful that we are playing a game with mechanics, and those mechanics underpin the stories we tell one another. As your Storyteller I prefer to 1) roll in the open 2) step outside the story and outline the consequences of failure in deadly circumstances 3) state my reasoning on why a thing unfolds in the game as it does when questions arise. COLLABORATION > DM FIAT I run the world, the NPCs, and the enemies in it, but this is *your* story. When we encounter an unclear ruling and can't find a concise answer in the rules, I prefer to keep the game moving by suggesting an interpretation the table can agree to. Please note, however, that all rulings also apply to your enemies.


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