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About me

My GMing journey started with a betrayal. Nine sessions into campaign one, the party stared down the villainous force and...joined them. Ever since then, GMing has been about embracing the unexpected. 1,000+ sessions and 10 years later, GMing is still a powerful creative outlet because every game is different and every table is different. I have too many games I want to run, so I'm here now. I use D&D as a learning tool through my other business, Development & Dragons, which encourages kids to learn to express themselves socially and creatively through tabletop RPGs. Outside of GMing, I'm a competitive dancer, data analyst, obsessive Persona player, and avid writer of fantasy and modern-day fiction alike.

GM style

I love challenging decisions, tactical combat, emotionally resonant roleplay, and a mixture of light connective sequences and darker conflict sequences, though the mix of this will vary per group. * The world is always living and breathing, whether or not you're there -- which hopefully creates a space that feels alive and dynamic, and allows you to build emotional relationships within it that help ground you further. * Combat is dangerous, enemies are smart and tactical, and challenge level adapts to the group's needs, though I will always trend toward challenge over pure heroic fantasy. If you want to be a superhero, I am probably not your GM. * The world is governed and bound by mechanics and rules, which I know well, though the most important of those rules is that the table enjoys the game that they play for fun. Bad D&D is worse than no D&D, after all. To that end, I create an open communication rule (be kind, be human) at my table -- if you don't like something or you're ever uncomfortable, say it. I operate the same way to ensure the space is fun and safe. * I believe in being a fan of the characters and wanting to see them succeed, while presenting challenges that truly challenge both player and character and give plenty of opportunity for danger. * My ideal game has detailed, intricate plots, gambit pileups, and lots of long sessions filled with twists and lore. * Walk into a city with a goal in mind and I'll let you direct your path from start to finish. If you need or want to be put on railroad tracks instead, I'm happy to do so, though it's not my first instinct. You can expect to: * Learn and use all of your abilities...probably. * Probably go down in a fight at some point, as you're battling tactical enemies. * Think on your feet in tough scenarios, and make decisions that have consequences and no necessary right answer. * Enjoy down-time with the party and strengthen your bonds through exploration and socialization. * Build meaningful relationships in-world -- then have those relationships tested by villain or circumstance. * Switch in-and-out of character to laugh and hypothesize and enjoy each other's company. * Forget which vaguely faux-European voice is which until you're reminded by the GM. Finally, the story is always ours, not just mine. I've never understood GMs who start running games because they feel they have a story they just "have to tell." The best stories are the ones forged through hours of dangerous dice rolls and finding a family you never expected to love so much.

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