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About me

Hi! I'm Josh. My artistry comes from high school theater, UCB improv, and college screenwriting classes, which made Dungeons and Dragons my favorite thing to do since discovering it in 2019. I love the collaborative storytelling experience, and the flexibility D&D provides to tell a story in any genre the table wants. I specialize in one-shots, genre mashups, and short ADD-accessible sessions. I approach D&D like a tv show, so if you're looking for a taste of the fast-paced storytelling I like, check out The Most Dangerous Campaign Podcast available wherever you get your podcasts.

GM style

I excel with roleplay, character arcs, and story narrative. I like to run combat that moves quickly and has more components than just killing a monster. I love social encounters, mysteries to solve, and making settings active components in the adventure. I believe that the rules as written are tools with which we build our adventure, so I will rarely completely say "no" to a player's ideas. I am not the DM for melodrama, long combat, or grim-dark fantasy. I am the dm for genres you wouldn't expect in D&D and lots of laughs for everyone at the table.


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