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About me

I am an experienced GM who has had the wonderful privilege of being in hundred of games and dozen of campaigns over 20+ years. I’m also a writer, obsessive history buff, cheesecake baker, salesman, and occasional performer. This wide variety off skills, yes even baking, help me round out stories and create fully realized worlds. Then, we can play in them! Together, we can tell character and narrative driven stories, especially exploring themes that are more common in melodramas, operas, and tragedies. We might not be big damn heroes, but we will be the biggest heroes (or anti heroes) in our shared worlds! All of my systems are typically homebrewed, I favor the Rule of Genre philosophy, and feature campaigns that are highly collaborative. My dog will interrupt our games at some point.

GM style

I am a roleplay focused GM. Combat in my games tends to be less frequent and much more brutal than other systems, and I often use theater of the mind. I am happy to adjust with the needs of our group! Characters are not disposable, but are expected to make smart decisions or face rough consequences. I try to foster highly emotional situations with beloved NPC’s and my players. Serious note: Despite the fact that I really like exploring darker themes, I expect all the players at my table to handle them maturely and with compassion to the other people around the table. We’re here to have fun, even if it’s depressing fun!


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