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About me

I've been playing D&D since 1983 and DMing since 1985. Creating worlds to be explored and working with others to create memorable stories is an absolute joy. Life has forced me to abandon my hobby a few times but I found my way back because this is such a unique thing - collaborative storytelling in which everyone is a major character. I love being a part of tales that will be remembered forever. My job is to ensure everyone is having fun, whether you're the diva, the wallflower, or somewhere in between. My decades of experience allow me to change my approach based on the group's familiarity with the rules. In fact, running a game for a group completely new to gaming puts a huge smile on my face. My sense of humor has been described as a bit on the dark and sarcastic side, and I set a more serious tone in my worlds. I don't force that tone on the players, though, so you're free to do what you want. At the same time, I try to ensure my worlds make sense, so actions have consequences. Succeed and you will change the world. Fail, and you also change the world. Adventuring is a dangerous occupation (otherwise everyone would do it) so you should expect appropriate challenges. I excel at in-person games (San Antonio, TX) but, times being what they are, I run most of my games on Roll20 + Discord. If you want an in-person game, DM me here or on Discord (jonbeowulf) and we will discuss. Scheduling and payment will still be managed on this site. I run BECMI D&D, D&D 5e, Aliens RPG, Call of Cthulhu, and Starship Troopers. I am semi-retired so have unmatched schedule flexibility.

GM style

My style is flexible. I am a military veteran, so I love the tactics and strategy of combat. I love storytelling, so roleplay is important to me -- but not demanded of my players. I'm not as good with character voices as I'd like to be, but I have an uncanny ability to assume character mannerisms. I'm pretty loose with the rules but stay consistent in their application. I'll let you try something cool simply because it's cool, but I won't let you do something utterly nonsensical. I strive for balance; I'm willing to discuss a ruling if you disagree, but only for a short time. I've been known to get it wrong from time to time and have no issue being called out in front of the group.

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