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About me

Welcome Adventurers! I have been playing TTRPG for 17 years and have been something of a forever GM for 15. I try to make my games as immersive as possible by using a massive collection of ambient music, character voicing, lighting and even some cosplay nights! Ardia is a world filled with cosmic mysteries, terrifying creatures, and a rich history that you as the player will shape! In my home brew setting of Ardia every campaign exists together within the same shared space. Your actions will effect the world in real ways that permanently shape the future of the world and even other ongoing games! If you wish to become a legend of Ardia then please come join us on our next adventure!

GM style

- Narrative is king in my book! - Player's run the show, I just set the stage - I love to voice characters and give players as much immersion as possible. - Combat can be challenging at times but fast paced.


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