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About me

I'm a writer and a teacher, and I've been playing Dungeons and dragons for about ten years, and most of that time has been as a GM for my friends. I've played a few systems (3.5, 5e, Mistborn, Planet Mercenary) and just love the collaborative story telling of TTRPGs. As a GM my campaigns are usually very story focused, and tend toward the "epic fantasy" genre. As such I usually run long term campaigns, but I have done some shorter things as well and am more than willing to do shorter 1 or 2 session games. I believe I help make the game beginner friendly when appropriate, and I pay attention to the players for cues as to where they want to go and what they want to explore and do more. I use Discord primarily for digital games, though I've experimented a little with roll20 and playrole as well. I've recently begun integrating music and sound effects into my campaigns, and I'm working on adding more maps and visual aides as well. Many of the settings and stories I use are based on the books I write. Feel free to share the experiences with your friends, but keep in mind that the details are under copyright.

GM style

I love a good story, so I work hard to integrate the players stories with the world story in a satisfying and fun way. I'm not a strict rules hound, but use them to keep things fair, interesting, and fun.

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