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Jerin M.R. (AKA CrookRobot)

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Jerin M.R. (AKA CrookRobot)he/him

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28 years
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About me

Hi, I'm Jerin. Once upon a time, I was an accomplished police officer. I've since changed careers and now I'm fortunate enough to earn a living in the game industry through writing and game mastering. Dungeons and Dragons is what I grew up with. After nearly 30 years of world-building, writing, and performing, I've run thousands of games. My mastering style is perfect for players who love deadly but fair combat, lavish rewards, gripping roleplay, and bright comical situations. Writing is a talent of mine that comes to bear every day in my Play-By-Post games. Spending my free time reading, creating unique encounters, and crafting worlds, my settings are always growing. My server is blessed with a small community of dedicated and talented players who are a blast to host. The loyalty they show for my games speaks for itself, come meet them and see why they stuck around too.

GM style

DISPOSITION: šŸ˜ƒ Friendly šŸ  Consistent šŸ„¶ Chill šŸ’” Clever šŸ’¼ Professional šŸ¦¾ Dedicated šŸ“œ Eloquent šŸ”” Fair GAMING STYLE: šŸ’£ Deadly Combat šŸ“† Gameplay Available Every Day šŸ„‡ Player Agency šŸ† Liberal Rewards šŸ§­ Freedom of Choice šŸŽ­ Fiction First šŸŒŠ Smooth Flowing Narrative šŸ“ŗ Immersive Setting ā›„ Iconic Characters āœØ Engaging Stories šŸŒ Established Lore SKILLS: šŸŒ‡ Talented visual artist šŸŽ“ Master rules knowledge šŸ“œ Experienced writer āŒ› Decades of experience TOOLS šŸ’„ Boosted Discord Server that is well monitored and easy to use. šŸ¤– Premium bots to include... -- Avrae (With a collection of aliases) -- Stickybot -- Bercus (A unique moderator and organizer) šŸŒ‡ Personally crafted maps and visual assets šŸ”„ Foundry VTT (Voice Chat Games Only) āš” Master Tier D&D Beyond Subscription šŸ“– Dozens of third party books from DMs Guild šŸ“‚ Complete Collection of 5th Edition Books

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