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About me

Jenni Kirkruff, also known as Jenni the Jester within the Known Universe, is the founder of The Jester’s Toybox, LLC, a company recently relaunched/rebranded to offer TTRPG content and services. A former disc-jockey, actress, and singer, Jenni’s unique vocal acting talents bring that extra panache to your game table. She is also an avid writer of fiction, professional comic book and character artist, and cosplayer. She is on most of the social media channels and you can find her everywhere as @jennithejester. A storyteller at heart, Jenni has gamemastered a vast number of campaigns for multiple genres and game systems since the early 80s. About half of the games she has run over the years are custom, where she has become deft at adapting games to work with varied realms as well as genres, based on the players wants and needs. Presently, she is offering services for Dungeons & Dragons 5e, Vampire the Masquerade v5, Call of the Cthulhu, Blade Runner, Altered Carbon, 7th Sea, the new Candela Obscura, or even a new, custom game you create together! So come up to the table, take a seat, and enjoy the ride!

GM style

Jenni’s specialities reside in multi-genre, rich storytelling, voice acting, roleplaying, cosplay, and immersive gameplay. Jenni prefers the theatre-of-the-mind, so as to ensure the player stays within the story unfolding. The campaigns and one-shots you will play with her will have an equal balance between combat and gameplay/storytelling in order to feel like it’s a part of the story unfolding, verses something forced. Rules are guidelines at her table, so do not be afraid to ask to try something that maybe bends them a little or to create something anew! The players at her table go away with an experience they will love and never forget, for the stories you forge, together, will remain within your heart as time goes on. Jenni is also passionate about bringing variety and inclusion to the table. LGBTQIA+ ally, advocate, and friend, she strives to make the players comfortable at the table as we navigate the subtleties of our stories that unfold. Jenni will also do everything in her power to ensure the gameplay is as accessible as possible. Players will receive a pre-campaign survey to ensure comfort levels with topics of gameplay for each new campaign. This way you, the player, will be at ease and can feel free to dive in and enjoy the game. The goal of every game session with her players is simply to have one thing: fun.


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