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About me

I have been playing D&D since I was a kid in the early '90s, and enjoy playing all sorts of RPGs. After I became I teacher, I found roleplaying games a great way to teach kids a wide variety of skills. Parents began asking me to run private D&D sessions for their kids, and now I run games online as well. My games tend to be best suited to children 10 and up, but I am capable of running games for younger children if there is interest. In addition to D&D, I am also a contributing author to and have run a number of Steamscapes games (a Savage Worlds setting), and have extensive experience running both tabletop and LARP games set in the World of Darkness.

GM style

My campaigns tend to have detailed storylines that I have planned out, generally involving a mix of mystery with a bit of combat each session. Though the storyline may be planned, they are done so in a world that I craft with such intricate detail that if the players decide not to follow the storyline I can still create a new exciting and engaging story that follows the players' interests and their PCs activities.

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