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JD Welch

Less than a year on StartPlaying

15 games hosted

Highly rated for: Teacher, Inclusive, Creativity

About me

I got my start in this Hobby back in 2012 with D&D 3.5, and never looked back! Since then I have played and run all sorts of games, but found my true passion with WFRP, to which I have been dedicated across three editions. I run with a flexible style that mirrors back to the players what they themselves put into a game, so I'm good for everything from high drama and roleplay to laid back hack and slashes. I am by no means a Voice Actor or Actor-Actor, but I will always give 100% to making a fun, immersive and inclusive experience for all!

GM style

I enjoy presenting a dynamic and reactive world that players can dive into and see how their actions impact everything around them. However deep players want to dive in is generally how much I return, leading to games where the players set the pace and depth they enjoy and to which I can direct the game accordingly. I tend to run games RAW within reason, and am always open to discussion on where we can make changes to the rules to make for a more fun experience for everyone. I am always comfortable to discuss the limits and preferences of both myself and my players, and strive to always have an enjoyable environment for all.

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