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About me

I am a dungeon master with 6 years of experience including numerous one-shots, official and unofficial modules, and custom campaigns completed. As a storyteller, I love the idea of collective storytelling and I love the challenge of creating a malleable plot and setup that allows players to do anything with it. I was in love with the ideas of TTRPGs long before I knew they existed. I used to play make-believe games when I was 5 and the daydreaming never stopped. It just found a medium when I discovered D&D and I have been developing my own system as well. My group of friends and I have been playing together for more than 2 years despite being in different countries and we stream it on Twitch as well. LGBTQ+ friendly and welcoming to all people. I can't wait to play with new people and see what they bring to my table.

GM style

Fun, engaging, and immersive. I focus on making players experience being in the game's world and making it feel as natural as possible without taking away the magic that separates the game world from the real world. With every NPC having a unique identifiable personality and voice and every villain having a justifiable cause. I challenge my players to constantly evolve their characters and make game-defining choices. But in the end, it's all about everybody at the table having fun!


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