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About me

If you're a fan of actual play podcasts, you might have heard my voice on the 25 North podcast, where I run a group of friends through a PF2e pirate adventure. I'm a TTRPG veteran, playing since I was 15 years old with over 25 years of experience. I got my start with AD&D, then moved on to VtM (and other WoD games), 3rd and 3.5, 4e, PF1, 5e, and ultimately PF2e. When not playing PF2e, I love to play indie games (shout out to Jared Sorensen!). Outside of podcasting and gaming, I work in cyber security for a healthcare organization, am a husband and father, have four fur babies, love cooking, have a master's degree, and have studied both history and political science. You can find my work by looking up 25 North Podcast anywhere you listen to podcasts.

GM style

Flow is essential to me. Balancing slower, more intimate moments between PCs with fast-moving, action-packed thrill runs is an art form I feel I've mastered over the years. I like to work with the PCs to make them feel like heroes. I'm afraid I have to disagree with the supposition that the GM is the enemy and is there to kill the PCs. Instead, I take the mentality that, as a GM, I am there to help the PCs tell a badass story and make them feel like heroes. That said, I don't pull punches or fudge dice rolls. If the die rolls a crit and your PC is down to 2hp, so be it. Other than that, I try to be the consummate host and ensure everyone has a good time.

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