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FUN! That's the name of the game. Fun. However, fun means different things to different people. Many want to take to the stars and explore Wild Space on their own Spelljamming ship. Others love the hostile and gloomy world of Barovia, and revel in plotting the downfall of it's undead master while being hunted by a pack of werewolves. But others will spend hours working to create a multilevel marketing scheme to sell fairy dust based cosmetics. Whatever your definition of fun is, I want to deliver it. That said, good honest fun requires a mutual respect, so if your idea of "fun" is antagonizing other players at the table, or bullying in any way, then I'm afraid I'm not the DM for you. At my tables, we respect each others agency, time and personal boundaries. My goal is to create a space where we can escape from the hostility of the real world and forget our problems for a few hours. Also, these Fae cosmetics don't sell themselves, and we won't make our quota if we're at each others throats! But beyond that I am committed to creating an immersive environment within which to lose yourself in your characters as they fight to save the world, or fight just to survive. I find deep satisfaction and pride in providing my players with an enjoyable escape from reality and the freedom to express their creativity free of judgement. So, let's have some fun! - - - Also, if you're looking to become your own boss while providing customers with affordable cosmetics straight from the Fey Wild, use my affiliate link to sign up as one of our distributors: www.unseelie-beauty.fey/hermit No down payment required, just your full legal name at sign up....

GM style

Characters drive my campaigns, and I love to inhabit them. My years as a theater kid combined with my years as a DM have helped me build a toolbox of voices and characters that help bring life to my tables. I also love experimenting with combat. Whether it is completely homebrewed monsters, or landscapes that change as the fight progresses, I often try to make combat more than *just* rolling dice. I also love incorporating character backstory into my campaigns, and I often reward rich backstory with entire side quests dedicated to their development. I have played with and welcome players of all experience levels. You require zero prior knowledge of Dungeons and Dragons to sit down at one of my tables. I have spent the majority of my time as a DM introducing new players to Dungeons and Dragons and teaching them all they need to know, from character creation down to the nitty gritty of the rules. Over my 12-13 years of DM'ing, I developed a toolbox of voices, settings, characters and more which I use to bring to life the fantasy worlds we will explore. Whether it is a premade module/campaign setting or a total homebrew world, I always do my best to bring the world to life through voice and character work, as well as by allowing players as much creative freedom as they want (within reason). I use Roll20 at the moment and have a library of battle maps to pull from, as well as the complete library of D&D 5th edition sourcebooks as reference.

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