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About me

Greetings from the northern wilds! I'm a "forever DM" but not in a bad way. I love DMing, because why limit yourself to one character when you can be all of them (less the PCs)?! DMing is my outlet for imagination and creativity. I don't draw, I'm not musical in any way, but what I am is a storyteller. Since childhood my head has been overflowing with ideas that had no outlet until I discovered D&D. I love to homebrew and I love constructing epic, sprawling campaigns that evolve and grow with the players' contributions. I'm a published author and have been a freelance writer for D&D back in 3rd Edition days. I'm looking to run D&D games, but I've run many other systems. Favourites include Aberrant, HERO System, All Flesh Must Be Eaten, Chronicles of Darkness (I particularly enjoy Beast: The Primordial!), Rifts (Savage Worlds and the original Palladium system), but my greatest love is for Hackmaster 5th Edition. So I'm also interested in creating "Learn to..." campaigns with different systems. I would love to give new players and seasoned D&D players a chance to explore new systems and see what else is out there in the vast galaxy of games. I've been playing RPGs since 1983, and DMing since 1984. But: Years of experience mean nothing if you can't adapt, adjust, and innovate to make your game the best experience for everyone at the table. My two tennets of gaming are: "Games are meant to be fun" and "Don't be afraid to get weird". Let's roll some dice.

GM style

I love to weave stories with the players. I'm not a voice actor or an artist, but I'm a storyteller and my games reflect that. I love campaign play--long or short, I want my players to feel a sense of satisfaction when the last roll hits the table. I want them to feel the weight of history and the epicness of their deeds when they walk away. I tend towards slightly more crunchy combat but I love the fluff of lore and worldbuilding even more.

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