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About me

Greetings, all! I'm James, the owner and lead designer of Lost Heretic Press, a small independent publisher of adventures and supplements for old-school style games. I have been running and playing tabletop games for over 20 years, most recently delving into NSR and OSR style games like Shadowdark RPG and Mork Borg. I specialize in grimdark, horrific games feature dark, fantastical elements that focus on the actions of the characters and the response of the world around them. I am available for private bookings (either for campaigns or one shots), or join one of my posted adventures!

GM style

Hi Everyone! I consider my style to be fairly fluid and adaptable, meaning that I focus the way that I GM on what my players are most interested in. I have several long time groups that prefer crunchy, tactical combat, and I have other groups that look for roleplay situations to the exclusion of all other options. I like to run games that focus in on what the players want, and give them space to then, having found a base of enjoyment in the game, explore other things that the game can offer.


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