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About me

Ever since I was a youngling I've been completely enthralled by dnd. I've played in a few campaigns and dm'ed about 20 in 3.5 and a few with other systems like Vampire the Masquerade and D20Modern. I've been using 5e since i started dming on startplaying and I'd be happy to learn a new system on request. I even wrote my own d6 based system and an extremely simplified, d20 only system I call 'drunk dnd' (no alcohol required but it generally gets goofy). My favorite kind of campaigns are largely character driven but I've also ran plenty of 1-shots and modules.

GM style

I encourage as much roleplay as possible as my best campaigns are strongly character driven. I'll do a voice for old wisened mages, gruff antosocial dwarves, defunct modrons, and any other npc the party interacts with. As for what kind of campaign, I usually do power fantasy type campaigns that end epic level, fighting gods and demons. But I've run horror and survival and would run any flavor the party wanted. The setting is usually early industrial

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