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About me

Hi! Im Jack. I'm a professional actor with hundreds of hours of experience as a Dungeon Master. My love of stories and storytelling began before I can even remember, and that love has found its place in TTRPGs (specifically 5e)! My games tend to strike a balance between Role Play and Adventure, with focus always being on the choices the players make, the world evolving around how they interact with it. I love telling long form stories with a group of players, but am always flexible with the feel of the "Arcs"...sure, maybe you begin in a tavern, and save a town from a goblin hoard - but the week after, maybe you're helping stop a league of assassins from killing a lord? Or maybe help assassinate him! Maybe it's time to face that Red Dragon, in his volcanic lair?! Who knows. The choice will, ultimately, be yours.

GM style

I love stories with humour, heart, and drama. Thats what I strive for in my games, too. In terms of the actual session though? I run games with a mix of theatre of the mind for some exploration, combined with personalised virtual maps on roll20. As for what we're going to do? It's all about the players: if they want to spend the session talking to NPCs in a small town, shopping and gathering information, prepare to witness an eclectic (and not always accurate) bunch of accents and physicality. If they want to face down a dungeon full of beasts and traps, with a cruel monster guarding a hoard of treasure - Then lets dungeon crawl!! Not sure what you want to do? No problem. I've got a whole bunch of adventure hooks with your names on it! My aim is always to create a game where story and character can flourish, where players feel as safe to sit in a poignant pause after a traumatic character death, as they are cracking quips and feeling badass.

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