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Jack Panic
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About me

Hi, my name is Jack and I would like to be your TTRPG Dungeon Manager. I have been running tabletop games for over a decade, including 5e and many other systems. I am passionate about creating immersive and collaborative storytelling experiences, where we can escape into different characters and build a sense of community. When I run a campaign, I strive to create a unique and dynamic experience, where the players drive the narrative. I tailor the game to each player's individual play-style and make sure to give everyone a chance to shine. The world I present is alive and constantly evolving, and your choices and actions will have a real impact. I build a shared worldspace with my players, where we develop the lore and locations together. I welcome players of all levels and backgrounds, and our campaigns usually reach level 20. You can join at any point in the campaign's progression. I use high-quality graphics and curated music to enhance the theatrical aspect of the game and help bring the world to life. I also use isometric maps to give the dungeon-crawling portions a classic, old-school feel.

GM style

Tons of roleplay, quick and exciting combat, tons of player choice, unique fully voiced NPCs, homebrew mechanics, custom visuals and art, personalized experience, LGBTQ+ Friendly, gripping narratives and comradery . Each session will feel like your favorite show, but you're the star!


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