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Jack August M. Jenkins
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Highly rated for: Creativity, Storytelling, Sets the Mood

About me

Heeeeeeeeelllo! My name is Jack Jenkins, pleased to be at your service. I am a character focused, roleplay-heavy, DM hoping to make you fall in love with DnD (and other RPGs) just as I have! WHAT TO KNOW ABOUT ME: Over 2 Years and Over 800 hours experience playing DnD (as the Dungeon Master (not including prep)) LGBTQ+ Friendly (Pan, Poly, Genderfluid so it'd be weird if I wasn't) Experienced and capable improvisor, character actor, voice actor, and singer. Experienced working with new and longterm players, and open to learning new systems as requested. WHAT FORMER AND CURRENT PLAYERS HAVE SAID ABOUT ME: "Characters (have) incredibly realistic complexity. Although fantasy, you can imagine meeting a person like this irl because they aren’t constrained to one generic trait like 'loyal' or 'shy'" ~Zye Reid (BfA in Musical Theater and Dungeon Master) "Jack’s ability to adapt and change a story to meet the themes and goals of a character is unparalleled. He is excellent at bringing otherwise one-dimensional characters to well-rounded cornerstones of a campaign, and his voices and impressions are phenomenal. Jack is one of the most fun people to play with because he allows you to fulfill your goals both as player and as character. He prioritizes fun, empathizes with players, and creates an immersive and inclusive table to play at." Noah Rozinksi (Dungeon Master and Live Performer) "I believe that Jack is the best DM I have played with for one key reason: He is simply the most dedicated to the roleplay aspect of the game. When others struggle to get into the mindset of their NPCs, Jack goes above in beyond in making his characters feel more real and alive than even some of the players. It's truly astounding the amount of immersion that takes place in every one of Jack's campaigns." ~Leon Weiss (Friend and Player) "At its core, Dungeons and Dragons is about having fun. Jack embraces this fundamental and gives it the highest prevalence at his table. He encourages and enables shenanigans, like inventing the chicken parm sandwich to unite the Italian-American community of waterdeep, yet still keeping the party focused and on task. Jack truly cares about his players and their enjoyment, creating perfect worlds to delve into." ~Robert Woodward-Hartman (Friend and Player)

GM style

Extremely strong roleplay and character focus. Expect a unique voice for every character and prepare to meet many of them. Complex interpersonal relationships between both PCs and NPCs. My games are often marked by long periods of roleplaying broken up with complex combat to keep things fresh. Roleplay is highly encouraged at my table and any attempt at belittling other players for getting involved will be shut down immediately.


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