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About me

I go by Jace. I'm a hobbyist DM of over five years that's looking to start running games professionally. Most of my experience is with D&D 5e, but I am willing to learn new systems (within reason). I've been using Foundry VTT for over 2 years now as I find the enhancements that modules provide to the player (and DM) experience are next level. I'm experienced with both pre-written adventure modules as well as original campaigns of my own design.

GM style

I try to have a good mix of roleplay and combat, but I really don't think I could apply any kind of arbitrary "percentage split" for elements of play. Some sessions might be brutal slug-fests, others might be courtly intrigues. I try not to go out of my way to kill PCs, but I let the dice fall where they may, and death is always a possibility. I feel equally comfortable with published modules as well as original material. For more serious role-players, I provide out-of-session text channels in discord servers, but you are under no pressure to use these if that's not your thing. I prefer voice-only games.

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