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Prefer D&D but happy to run any system. I like to customize the setting, difficulty, intensity, and amount of rules to suit the style of the group. I can run any desired module, but I also have home-brewed campaigns and one-shots ready to go. Great with kids and neurodivergent folks (or both!). Note that my pricing is flexible based on the product desired, but my preference is to bring a rich and full story with regular 5-hour sessions that meet every other week (or more frequently if desired).

GM style

I am a dynamic person and am happiest when I am facilitating a great time for everyone around me. Not only do I do voices and lean into detailed descriptions of the environment, but I also use sound effects and graphical resources to increase the immersion. However the most important thing for a storyteller to do is to make sure they are curating the experience to the group’s needs and desires. I love digging in with the power-gamers just as much as I love an entire gaming session with nothing but role-playing and skill checks. However most of my games end up with a balance of both.


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